Karaoke and sleeplessness

It’s been a while. I make no promises. At least my grooming habits haven’t changed.



Some brief blog-related business (and a cat photo! heck yeah!)

It just occurred to me why I’ve never been contacted by any of my blog followers as well as why no one ever bothered to comment on a post.  There are wee boxes to tick, marked “allow comments”, as well as a large button on the WordPress Dashboard stating “Add Contact Form”.

I seem to have been speaking at you all this time, but never did I listen…

And since I don’t wish to make a post without some sort of visual goodie, here’s a photo I took of a man with a cat on his shoulder walking through the snow.  Keeping Portland Weird one living, sentient neck scarf at a time…

Cat on a guy's shoulder, in the snow...

Cat on a guy’s shoulder, in the snow…

New finished drawings from the Somnambulists series, almost…

I ought to have posted these ages ago, but here are the mostly accurate representations of the drawings I sent to “The Luck of Edenhall” exhibition in Carlisle, which just came to a close.

Now for the longer story. I produced seven drawings in walnut ink and watercolor, 11.5″ x 15.5″, six of which I decided were useable. As I had no real access to a larger format scanner, I took some very dodgy photographs of said drawings before posting them off across the pond…into the abyss. You see, Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs nabbed the drawings upon entry, as I admittedly crapped out on fully researching whether or not additional customs forms would be needed, besides the standard form. I’ve never had a problem in the past, you see. Customs decided that they were either a gift or a commercial good, and attempted to charge £178 to the curator in order that she could pick them up. Obviously she didn’t, nor did I want her to, since this was a week-long public exhibition in a non-commercial space. They weren’t really for sale, and ultimately, they were to come back to me after the show. I’m not exactly finished with the series, and they are to be part of a wider body of new work.

Finally I got word from Parcelforce Worldwide that they understood the situation and would not continue to try to deliver them, and that they would get them on their way back to me. Customs still hasn’t responded as to whether or not they expect any ransom money, but as far as I can tell, the work has been back in their possession for at least a week.

On the exhibition front, rather than being the blank spot on the wall of the group show, I then had to edit the aforementioned dodgy photos–the only record I have–in order that they could be printed off and trimmed to size for the exhibition. I had to break out my “Photoshop for Dummies” to get them to a point where they accurately represented the originals. These edits are what you see here. From all documented accounts, they turned out rather well in print.

If anyone has an inside man/woman in UK Customs, please feel free to contact me. In fact, feelings of freedom aside, please do get in touch. And until proper scans can be procured, enjoy!

Somnambulists series

Somnambulists series

Somnambulists Series

Somnambulists Series

Somnambulists Series

Somnambulists Series

Somnambulists Series

Somnambulists Series

Somnambulists Series

Somnambulists Series

Somnambulists Series

Somnambulists Series

A few new sketches

Here are some more sketches from the new series. I used a new tool to apply the masking fluid, and tried out a few different ways for applying the ink/watercolor to suggest the ground below the figures. The figure with the umbrella—a rework from my original ink sketch—has the ink application I hope to use in the final pieces. I’m also leaving out the rendering of the guitar’s headstock, which adds too much visual info. I’ll be reworking them to a slightly different scale and not so prominently placed on the page.

I’ve rescanned those from the prior post as well and amended it.




New work in sketches

When I realized the idleness of my hands, rather than turning to Satan, I invested in latex masking fluid and (devilishly rich) walnut ink. I really do love walnut ink.

The sketches I’ve done are based on an old drawing, The Somnambulists, as seen on the header of this very blog. The scans aren’t great.

More to come.






Die Sprache der Liebe

I’ve not done a proper cartoon in a while. This may be 47% there.





Follow-up to “I don’t want to lose you”

Well, it’s not right that I should write an emotional post about a terribly sick wee kitty and never follow it up. Cal is fine. She had an abscessed tooth removed, which they couldn’t see the first time, and she still takes antibiotics for feline stomatitis.

When you look up feline stomatitis online, you basically get horror stories of cats having to get all of their teeth removed and still not taking care of the problem. This was not so much the case. The antibiotics brought the infection down and allowed the vet to spot the problem tooth. Once they removed it, she was back to her old self without relapse, but from that point on fully expecting the increased attention she received.

Formerly Concerned Cat Lady-Man

This is her being adorable. (Seriously, how cute is she?)